Are your videos making you money like they should? 

You know when you go to make a video for your business, reach out with your hand shaking, hit RECORD and then say to yourself: 

I look terrible, I'm gonna sound like an idiot "I don't have anything of value to say, I'm an imposter "My last video was a dud "OMG my heart is racing --I forgot what I was gonna say!

Then you hit STOP and with slumped shoulders you retreat and proceed to eat an entire bag of chocolate-covered almonds?  

This program can change all that. It can give you the conditions, the mindset and the video mojo to ignite the world with your vision and video message. And exactly HOW does this program do that? By giving you . . . 

+ Tools to overcome your fears and tame your inner critic and perfectionist + Insight and exercises for impactful video scripts and messaging + Structure and steps to create 3 videos that will make you stand out online

Imagine having the confidence and video message to attract clients you WANT to work with.  

Imagine knowing simple ways to look and sound good on camera, and how to express your brand in a way that people want to be a part of it.  

Imagine being able to step in front of a camera, post a video and watch those analytics grow . . .  

Introducing . . .  


Transform into a video powerhouse Even if you have no idea where to start While you make 3 videos you need to stand out online right now  

With short video trainings, templates for your video scripts, and direct, customized feedback from a professional actress, Turn Viewers Into Clients will push you out of just thinking about it and into “Lights, Camera, Action.”  

You’ll learn to:  

Get seen, heard and paid by bringing your best message and image to the lens (so you can start attracting dream clients you want to work with)  

Do the inner work necessary to discover your “it” factor and the big why behind your brand (so everyone knows what you do and why it benefits them)  

Develop tools to combat negative thoughts and fears while bringing out performances motivated by your deepest purpose (so you can stop feeling inadequate when you get in front of the camera)  

  Create 3 Videos: your video elevator pitch, your story video and your opt-in video (without wasting time on tech issues or struggling to write a script)  

Here’s what GRADUATES have to say about the program!

Take a peek at what’s inside! . . .

Week 1 Combat the Confidence Crisis Based on you digging deep, you’ll come out on the other side with a magic tool that will help you combat the confidence crisis and overcome your deepest fears and negative thoughts. Plus you’ll learn the easiest way to make great-lookin’ vids with your smartphone.  

Video Assignment: Make your Elevator Pitch video (what you do and for who) using my easy to follow template  

Week 2 Your Brand Promise Uncover your brand promise (and the emotion behind it) so your viewers are left with a feeling. Because people will take your call to action if they are moved emotionally. Plus, tech tips continue with ways to make your videos look more pro. Snap. Bam. Hit Record!  

Video Assignment: Take 2 of your Elevator Pitch. After receiving my detailed feedback, incorporate my advice in Take 2.  

Week 3 Your Story Speaking the truth of what you’ve suffered (and how you overcame it) can be one of the most powerful ways to hook in new clients. Craft your story in way that creates insta-connection with your ideal peeps. Plus learn Lighting and Audio tips that will up-level your videos.  

Video Assignment: Make your Story vid using my easy to follow template  

Week 4 Amplify YOU Amp up your know, like and trust factor by amplifying YOU! Discover how to use everything from your talent and attitude, to your visuals and wardrobe to paint your brand. Plus, we’ll identify your “It Factor,” -- because no one can compete with that special something only you do.  

Video Assignment: Take 2 of your Story video. After receiving my detailed feedback, incorporate my advice in Take 2.  

Week 5 Your Opt-in Video Turning viewers into clients is all about taking them from complete strangers to viewers you can reach on a regular basis. Which leads us to this week’s assignment: your optin video. [If you don’t have a freebie, no worries! I’ve included a bonus PDF on how to make one.] Learn how to hook in a stranger so your Optin video delivers results!  

Video Assignment: Make your Opt-in video using my easy to follow template  

Week 6 Make Nerves Your Friend & Entire Program Review How can you be your best on camera when nerves are making you a mess? Make nerves your friend. Believe it or not, nerves can actually help you -- when you know what to do with them. And we’ll review everything you learned in this program so you can refresh your knowledge and skyrocket to video fame ANYTIME! 

Video Assignment: Take 2 of your Opt-in video. After receiving my detailed feedback, incorporate my advice in Take 2.  

Joining means you’ll get . . .

+ Customized feedback and direction from a professional actress with acting credits on ABC, CBS, Fox, FX & USA Network  

+ To the emotional meaning behind your brand so you can move your viewers to action.  

AND . . . + To make videos that are not only practical but also IMPORTANT sales tools for turning your viewers into clients.  

Your Investment . . .

Let's get down to brass tacks. I've made this pretty darn easy to fit it into your budget.  

For the low price of $2100, $1700, $1200, $999  


. . . you can start today!  

FOR THOSE WHO WANT PAYMENTS If paying everything upfront isn’t in the cards, you can get all the benefits of this program for two payments of $499 (the 2nd payment due 4 weeks after enrollment). Email mm@michelemoreno.co with the subject line "Payments Please."

But wait! There's more . . . (sorry, I’m not sorry; I had to do it)  

Because I’ve seen first-hand how transformational this program is, and because I don’t want you to miss out,  

I’ve added these free bonuses!  

Prep, Process and Platforms  

A bonus PDF to give you the fast track on how to prepare properly for your videos, what the process looks like, and some platforms and tools that I love.  

How to Create a Freebie  

 A bonus PDF on how you can quickly and easily create a freebie that will get people to become regular viewers and subscribe to your email list!  

I'm sure you have some Q's Here are the FAQs

Q: I don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to watching videos every week, will this program still work for me?  

Absolutely! The course content is limited to only 30 minutes of viewing per week plus workbook exercises. If you have the time to watch an episode of Sharktank, you can watch the lesson videos and answer the questions in the workbook. But be aware, you also must make 1 video per week. However, with my guidance (and deadline) just walk in front of a window with natural light coming in and hit record.  

Q: I get that you’re an actress, but what do you know about business?  

During my career writing for influential business guru Tom Peters I was charged with finding, interviewing and then writing articles about excellent companies. Same for the case studies I contributed to two books by Silicon Valley superstar Guy Kawasaki. I’m equally as comfortable around a camera as I am with business execs. These experiences, along with my own of starting a business, have given me the gift of powerful messaging and script-writing skills.  

Q: Do you offer a refund?  

 Yes. We work very hard to ensure you’re satisfied with your purchase, but we also want you to make an effort in applying the strategies in the program. We offer a refund within 30 days of the purchase date. To qualify: you must submit at least 1 week’s worth of assignments from the course (written and video) and send a refund request within 30 days of purchase to support@michelemoreno.co.  

Q: Are the trainings live or pre-recorded?  

Both. The training videos are all pre-recorded so you have access to them 24/7. You also get 6 LIVE personal coaching sessions on Zoom (1 per week). In these live sessions you can ask any Q’s and get help with YOUR specific needs -- directly from me.  

Let's Recap

In Turn Viewers Into Clients you get:  

♥ Concise, valuable video trainings accessible 24/7 (no more than 30 minutes of viewing per week) giving you the tools, tech, and strategy to turn your viewers into paying clients.  

♥ A workbook with templates for your video scripts plus, questions that will reveal the true you. This is video marketing gold that will make the seemingly impossible quite do-able. There’s work to do, but if you answer the questions honestly and deeply, the script will become clear.  

♥ Customized critiques on your videos from a pro actress is nothing short of confidence and marketing magic. Being accountable to someone who can see a way forward, and explain that path in detail, is one of the biggest values of this program.  

♥ Live, personal coaching in group sessions on Zoom gives you personal access to me and will help you blast past any challenges.  

PLUS two free bonuses!  

IF YOU WANT . . . ♥ charisma on camera ♥ an end to the tech overwhelm, and . . . ♥ to ignite the world with your video message, join us.